Motivational safety speaker Motivational Safety Speaker David Sarkus
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Motivational Safety Speaker / Keynote Safety Speaker / Safety Consultant and The Safety Coach®

David Sarkus International provides a full menu of value-added safety services and consultative support for the biggest and best organizations in the world. Some of our core services include safety culture assessments; strategic safety planning; safety culture improvement processes; safety culture branding; behavior-based safety; safety coaching and safety leadership training; engagement and alignment tools; executive coaching; safety management auditing; and even cutting-edge attention control tactics. Customized safety interventions have produced reductions in key performance indicators from 35% to over 85% from the previous year.  These kinds of results are scalable and sustainable. As a motivational safety speaker, David Sarkus, MS, CSP provides the kind of content and delivery that will engage, enlighten, and motivate employees at all organizational levels. We don’t do everything, but everything we do, will help you to create and sustain a safety culture that will allow you embrace world-class success!

Motivational Speaking: David Sarkus brings people to their feet and keeps them coming back for more.  David's Formula is Humor plus Involvement plus content equals great safety success

Leadership and Culture: Safety Leadership and safety culture go hand-in-hand.  Let us help you evolve your safety culture so you can embrace sustainable safety excellence.

Safety Resources: We have resources for safety culture change, executive leadership, and front-line safety coaching

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