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For over 30 years, DAVID SARKUS, MS, CSP has moved and motivated thousands of workers to become safer, healthier, and more productive. As a safety professional, he has won several honors, including a Best Practices Award for TRW Inc. David is a frequent contributor and featured author for publications such as Professional Safety and Industrial Safety & Hygiene News (ISHN). He’s also served as Technical Editor for ISHN. David has written more than 50 articles and authored five books. He is the co-host of a Coastal best selling video, Safety Coach, which features one of college football’s all-time great coaches, Bobby Bowden.

As a speaker, David’s skills are applauded by the same quality and level of professionals. David provides a high-content performance sprinkled with humor and impactful storytelling. He relates effectively with men and women from all walks — from senior management to shop floor workers. David Sarkus will make things happen and get the results you want to achieve! It is not uncommon for some of David’s clients to achieve record-setting results following David’s talks and workshops. Numerous organizations have worked many quarters without a recordable injury; sustained zero-injury turnarounds for the first time in 10 years or more; and others have increased safety-related engagement from the workforce by more that 175% — much of which is attributed to David’s motivational safety talks and safety training sessions. As a skilled professional speaker, David brings people together in ways that promote improved teamwork and positive changes in personal commitment. And as a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with advanced degrees in safety and psychology, David is prepared and passionate about helping you succeed. Ultimately, his work will move your organization towards its vision for an accident-free culture!



Hourly Workers Love David Too!

You can’t trust your workers with just any ole workplace safety speaker. And we know it’s difficult for most motivational safety speakers to connect with senior leaders, managers, supervisors, and of course, the general workforce. But David is well equipped to connect with your hourly associates. David Sarkus comes from a blue collar background – he’s worked in the trenches, and on the factory floor. Watch David engage, energize, and motivate over 300 construction workers and their leadership team. We believe you’ll enjoy watching David as much as these workers did. Sit back, have fun, and enjoy! Please excuse the video and audio quality – we’re certain you can look beyond the production aspects and see what’s really important.

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