Many organizations have a difficult time determining how to assess and diagnose their culture as it relates to safety. And they find it even more challenging to obtain practical tools and proven methods that will provide meaningful results.

Safety PerformanceIn order to sustain long-term success in safety performance, every organization needs to make use of various assessment strategies and subsequent intervention processes. Here at David Sarkus International, a variety of tools are used to help qualify (descriptively) and quantify (numerically) your overall safety performance. One strategy is not always what best suits all organizations. Your firm’s own status, culture, and needs will dictate what kinds of strategies and tactics can and should be used.

Each of the strategic assessment tools that we utilize, relates in some way to assessing your safety leadership, safety climate, or culture.  And each of the assessment tools and intervention processes serve a specific purpose, with their own strengths that will ultimately help organizations like yours, gain a greater understanding of “what’s happening” with regard to safety and “the means to get better.” From this standpoint, our strategic assessment tools and intervention efforts become the initial means for creating a world-class safety culture.

Many times, our strategic efforts are customized so they can have a greater impact in your firm and allow you to develop a robust strategy for long-term improvement. Effectively, our collaborative work, will allow your organization to achieve sustainable safety excellence.

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