7 Reasons Why You Need to Hire David Sarkus as Your Next Safety Speaker!

  1. He Gets Results. Throughout his life he’s learned how to win and help others do the same. David’s talks have been known to produce more than 170% engagement. Some clients have had injury-free turn-arounds for the first time in more than 10 years. And still other organizations have incredible reductions in their TRIR and LTIR — all from bringing in David to move and motivate their people.
  2. He Wants what You Want. Leaders are unselfish and find great purpose in meeting the needs of others. This is at the core of his belief system — helping to serve others and meeting their greatest needs — organizationally and individually.
  3. He’s Been Where You’ve Been. From working as a safety professional inside of various Fortune 200 organizations to digging ditches, operating cranes, working in R&D environments, or cleaning shakers in a coal mine — he understands what goes on from both sides of the fence. Even more, his greatest skills relate to building strong and lasting relationships.

    The Donora Steel Mill, Mom and Dad Inset

    The Mill where Dad Worked for 20 Years

  4. He’ll Make You Laugh — but Not with Pointless Humor. David uses purposeful humor that drives his point home! If David Sarkus can’t have fun and if your people can’t have fun with him — he’s the wrong speaker for your event!
  5. Experience. With advanced degrees in both safety management and organizational psychology his work experience is backed by scientific and substantial reasoning. He also has more than 25 years of real world experience. It also speaks to the fact that content remains critical — people need to come away with information that gets results!
  6. Passion. David loves his work and genuinely loves to help people be successful — you’ll notice it immediately! You can’t fake passion. That means he wants your workers to remain healthy and whole and also wants you to build an outstanding safety culture!
  7. He Loves People. David works hard to make a heart-to-heart connection with your audience. That’s when lasting change takes place — when people connect from the heart to their heads through their emotions and their knowledge. This occurs in his talks through storytelling and humor!

Note: There are actually a bunch of more reasons why you need to hire David Sarkus but he doesn’t want you to fall asleep reading them. Injuries to the head occur easily when a desk is contacted directly!

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