We offer a host of customized safety learning seminars that deal with leadership, culture change, behavior-based safety, coaching, and much more. All of our seminars are highly interactive and engaging – the way they need to be for effective learning to occur. Many of our seminars utilize self-testing protocol to help you assess a particular leadership style or to evaluate a part of your safety culture. Various other individual and group assess-ment tools are used to help you and others gain greater insight into a particular area of learning.

Leading from the Heart™ or Everyone’s a Safety Coach!™

It’s difficult for workers to trust and understand the kinds of principles that must be used to help individuals and teams work safer on a regular basis. In fact, some leaders don’t quite know where to begin! David reveals The 7C’s that anyone, in any organization, can use to help everyone achieve their very best. These 7 principles will help your organization move together in the same direction through a common vision for world-class safety performance!

Leading from the Middle™ (Two or Three Days)

Managers and supervisors provide the link between your vision for safety excellence and the work that gets done on a day-to-day basis. However, getting your leaders in the middle of your organization and their followers to align their actions with what’s necessary to achieve the reality of zero-accidents and zero-incidents is no easy task. This learning seminar uses state of the art research and practical knowledge to help make great things happen from the middle of your organization – often where real and substantial changes begin.

“Your Leadership Safety Training Seminars have really helped our supervision to strive for safety excellence. Your content is well delivered and easily understood. Our Supervisors are excited about learning and applying new ideas and they have a renewed vision for safety and most importantly, a plan to help them achieve it. Thanks for making IPL look good.”

— Cliff Petty Power Delivery Safety Coordinator
Indianapolis Power & Light Company

Leadership for EH&S Professionals™ (One or Two Days)

EH&S Professionals are realizing that a new set of skills is required to become a change-agent in today’s fast past business environment. Change is a constant and requires that EH&S Professionals get out in front and help lead the process. In this seminar, participants will learn how to engage others in the process of change, effective leadership principles, and how to tip the scales of success in their favor. If you want to learn more about effective EH&S leadership as it relates to positive change, this is the seminar for you.

“You touched on many of the critical areas of concern we had on what was needed to take our SHE practitioners to the next level of SHE excellence, personal accounta-bility and leadership. I believe the most effective tool you used was your ability to fully connect with the audience … you delivered a very powerful message on SHE excellence, you kept the entire group interested and engaged for the entire day and I get all the credit for selecting you, not bad. Thank you again for making me look good.”

— Lewis C. Booker, CSP
Director, Safety, Health & Environment Unilever

You Can Champion Change!™ (Two or Three Days)

Understanding culture and the leadership required to shape it serve as the unpinning for long-term success in safety. In fact, shaping and improving your safety culture can serve as the impetus for positive changes in productivity, quality, and morale. As you already know, culture is not an easy concept to discuss let alone diagnosis; however, we have the tools and knowledge that will help you better understand the beliefs, values and assumptions that can impede progress or catapult you to a whole new level of success. This seminar is filled with individual and group exercises that will give you an uncompromised look into the leadership of your organization and the key cultural elements that will allow you to embrace world-class results in safety.

“While these statements illustrate the success of your presentation, I think that none of them are as insightful as the comment made by our general manger. The impact of your program was unequivocal when he stated to his entire contingent of operations managers and supervisors: ‘after listening to your program I have had a paradigm shift about the way that safety needs to be managed in this company.’ You have helped us to understand the role that our organization must play in keeping safety a priority in everything we do. We are extremely grateful for your help and well on our way to world-class safety performance.”

— Robin Doherty Director Safety, Training and Compliance
Westcan Bulk Transport

Everybody’s a Safety Coach!™ (One or Two Days)

Many individuals understand the importance of coaching in safety but don’t know which principles are the most effective and efficient in influencing attitudes and actions. Leadership and coaching go hand-in-hand but there are differences that need to be addressed and grasped. This learning seminar uses various profile tools and exercises to help you assess your current strengths and barriers to future improvement. Filled with individual and group exercises, this learning seminar will help augment current practices within your behavior-based safety process or as a stand-alone learning experience for your on-the-floor or in-the-field leaders.

“Your mix of humor, stories and command of the subject matter continues to have our valued employees and customers buzzing …it was a perfect fit for our ‘cultural metamorphosis’ to Accountability, Communication and Execution (ACE). Cultivating the 7C’s will certainly keep us on track to becoming an industry leader in safety and awaken ‘The Safety Coach’ in all of us. Thanks again for ‘stoking the coals’!”

— H. Van Mollenberg, President, Mollenberg-Betz, Inc

Mental Toughness – The Critical Safety Edge™ (Half Day)

Mental toughness and resilience is a very hot topic that needs to be embraced in order to reach higher levels of individual and group performance. For many individuals and groups it’s about getting knocked down and getting back up with greater resolve, focus, and energy. But it takes a certain mental fortitude or resilience not to cave into self-defeating thoughts that tell oneself not to “quit” or “take another path or shortcut.” It’s about not giving in to the possibilities of failure or quitting. Successful athletes, workers, managers, and executives need to have a well-developed mental edge, tenacity, and competitive drive that catapults them to higher levels of personal achievement and greater success in safety. Can it be learned or developed? You bet! Mental toughness can be strengthened, refined, and embraced as an individual and collective resource and your organization needs to know how.

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