Any sport or organization benefits from ongoing coaching, accountability, and feedback. And learning a new skill set or improving an old one can catapult your organization forward.  But this often requires feedback, coaching, and repetition.

At David Sarkus International we help leaders acquire the necessary skills that will impact safety performance in very cost-effective ways.  Our coaching process is comfortable, highly-interactive, yet maintains the anonymity and privacy of your leaders.

Our coaching assessment process includes a psychological and competency profile combined with a 360 degree review that makes for a very thorough assessment.  And our coaching process will allow your leaders to:

  1. Learn and apply new skill sets that will increase organizational engagement and your level of achievement;
  2. Make more effective decisions and take more appropriate actions that will benefit the greater good of the organization;
  3. Learn how to push through individual organization barriers for more
    effective outcomes; and
  4. Transfer learning to other organizational members in more efficient and
    effective ways.

Your organizational leaders can make a difference in transferring new skills that will not only impact safety performance but will also impact the organization in more traditional ways that relate to quality, morale and relationships, team building, and of course, productivity.

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