David Sarkus International

Motivational Safety Speaker / Keynote Safety Speaker / Safety Consultant and The Safety Coach®

David Sarkus International Incorporated provides a robust menu of value-added safety services and consultative support: safety culture assessments; safety culture interventions; strategic safety planning; safety branding; BBS safety; safety coaching and leadership; engagement and alignment tools; and executive safety coaching. We’ve helped produce reductions in key performance indicators from 35% to over 85%. These results are scalable and sustainable.

As a motivational safety speaker, David Sarkus, MS, CSP, The Safety Coach® delivers motivational safety talks and safety keynotes that engage, enliven, and inspire employees at all levels: motivational safety keynotes for leaders; all-employee safety talks for greater engagement and focus; Teaching to optimize the motivational experience; and motivational safety talks for special events and safety kick-offs.

We don’t do everything, but everything we do, will help you to create and sustain a culture for safety that will allow you embrace sustainable safety excellence!

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