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Take 2 with David Sarkus is a series of two to three-minute video lessons delivered to your leaders each-and-every week over the course of a full year. Yes, that’s 52 straight weeks. The lessons focus on leadership, engagement, and your culture for safety. Videos are followed by quizzes, questions, and challenges that can also be used for group discussion, greater retention, and to move your people to action – putting the lessons to work. This is an excellent way to engage your leaders and to improve safety performance.
This Course: Great Safety Coaching
Take 2 With David Sarkus
Audience: Any organizational leader who wants or needs to improve his or her leadership skills for improved safety engagement, cultural outcomes, and greater safety results.
Modules: 52 weekly video lessons.
Time Required: Three to five minutes, weekly.

Great Safety Leadership and Coaching contains 10 learning modules and nearly 90-minutes of great video content. The course is largely self-paced with strategies, principles, and tactics that can help any leader become a much better safety leader and coach. The course is based on David’s best-selling book but goes a bit deeper and broader. It is an excellent standalone course or can be used to supplement past learnings with David Sarkus.
The “Story of Joe and Willie,” is a true story that will introduce you to what great safety leadership and safety coaching is all about.

This Course: Great Safety Leadership and Coaching

Audience: Any leader or peer who wants to improve their safety coaching and leadership skill set.

Modules: 10

Time Required: Approximately two hours of total learning time, over a course of days or weeks, depending on your organizational commitments, participant’s level of knowledge, and desire to have learners use and practice the various strategies, tactics, and principles being taught.

Companion Resource to Great Safety Leadership and Coaching
The Safety Coach® : Unleash the 7C’s for World-Class Safety Performance!

David’s first book teaches seven basic coaching principles that can be used in any work environment that will result in positive changes in safety-related attitudes, actions, and ultimately, overall safety performance. The Safety Coach® is filled with illustrations and is presented in an easy-to-read format. Whether you want to improve the safety leadership or coaching skills of your managers, supervisors, or workers, this book will allow you to meet your objectives. Item #SC007-BK, 105 pages.

Note from David

If you’re like most safety professionals and organizational leaders, you’re busy enough taking care of compliance-related concerns, production challenges, supervising employees, and a dozens of other tasks.

Well, I’ve got good news for you: I can help to take the burden off you and impact the safety of your employees in your company in a BIG Way.

My online courses will teach you and others how to influence the attitudes and actions of your workers in ways that directly impact your bottom line – by cutting down on employee incidents, accidents, and human factors errors. This has the ripple effect of improving your employees’ productivity by both boosting morale and instilling a “very positive culture of safety” – a “culture of great safety leadership coaching” that all employees will buy into.

Cutting-edge psychology and social influence strategies and tactics are used in an easy-to-understand format to teach your managers, supervisors, and workers how to become better safety leaders and coaches – even great safety leaders and coaches who will learn to better influence the attitudes and everyday actions of workers all around them – everywhere!

Engaging your leaders through my video-based courses, and the strategies and tactics I teach, have proven to drop injury rates from 30% to over 70%, and in many cases, eliminate serious injuries all together.

I look forward to working with you – respectfully,
David Sarkus

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In the last 15 years, Tim has been an independent marketing consultant and coach for small businesses and entrepreneurs in industries as diverse as the IT field, auto body, solo healthcare practitioners in chiropractic and acupuncture, digital marketing agencies, mental health therapists, and other consultants. He has also served as the chief marketing director for Anticipate Training, LLC, a former training company that specialized in the customer experience. As David’s director of marketing, Tim brings over 30 years of experience in marketing to David Sarkus International.

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